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Nancy Loves sweets, especially lollipops, so naturally she made us make our range of sweet and treat signs to include all her favourites.


Made from high quality 5mm Palight board this ridgid laminated sign is suitable for use inside and out.


Choose from our lollipop, gumball, boiled, Jelly Bear, wrapped or candyfloss option, or if you're like Nancy have them all and enjoy a sweet saving with our Nancy Loves special pic and mix.


Sizes approx; 

Gumball 770mm x 490mm approx

Candyfloss 600mm x 440mm approx

Jelly bear 400mm x 600mm approx

Lollipop 410mm x 800mm approx

Wrapped 270mm x 770mm approx

Boiled 480mm x 600mm approx

Nancy Loves Sweets

  • Our shapes are made from a superior quality signboard called Palight. It is really easy to add and remove vinyl meaning they are perfect for hire and multi use. They can also be painted.

    This shape is 5mm thick.

    Please note sizes are approx and may vary +-10mm if you require specific dimensions please contact us. 

    Discs are supplied blank.


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